NIH Anticipates Transition to New Research Training Data Table Formats in FY 2016

This Notice serves to announce that NIH anticipates adopting new research training data table formats in FY 2016 for use with institutional training grant applications and Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPRs). Where specified in the SF424 Application Guide or Funding Opportunity Announcement for a program, these tables may also be used in institutional career development and research education applications and RPPRs.

Anticipated Implementation

NIH anticipates releasing its new training table formats by the end of September 2015, for inclusion in RPPRs submitted December 1, 2015, or later and applications submitted for the May 25, 2016, due date and after. At the same time, NIH expects to make the xTRACT system available as an option for creating data tables for T32, TL1, T90/R90, and T15 RPPRs and applications. The xTRACT system is being piloted for creating training data tables, and will not be required for FY 2016. Fillable table formats (i.e., in MS Word) for the new tables will be available for applicants that choose to use them instead of the xTRACT system.

Full details: