RSH500- New Course for Principal Investigators and Key Personnel

UF Research, in coordination with UF HR’s Training and Organizational Development group, presents a new and streamlined Faculty Stewardship course.  This course is RSH500 – Faculty Stewardship. It replaces two courses that were previously required.

RSH500 covers key concepts related to effort reporting and cost principles. Understanding these concepts aids researchers in making determinations about what can be charged to sponsored programs.  This course replaces the previous mandatory training courses RSH220 & RSH260 for Principal Investigators and key personnel participating in sponsored programs.  The new course distills the information to its fundamental concepts and contains illustrative examples of commonly encountered scenarios and exceptions.

Principal Investigators and key personnel who have previously completed RSH220 & RSH260 will be required to complete RSH500 no later than October 1, 2022 in order to continue to participate in proposal and award actions for sponsored programs.  Department chairs, deans and center/institute directors will also be required to complete RSH500 to support their understanding of these key concepts.

Note that UFR extended the deadline from September 1 to October 1. Anyone who previously completed RSH500 does not need to complete it again.

To access the training, click here.