Applebaum Masterclass in Research @UFMedicine series talk with John Cowart Jr., Ph.D.

Join us for the latest talk of the Applebaum Masterclass in Research @UFMedicine series with John Cowart Jr., Ph.D., on Friday Dec. 1, 2023 at 10 a.m. in Communicore C1-15 or via Zoom.

Cowart is a UF alum and the CEO and co-founder of Outlier Technology, an early-stage neuroscience innovation start-up company based in San Diego, California and Gainesville, Florida. He is an expert in materials chemistry and a lifelong musician.

In his talk, “Perspectives on the synergy between neuroscience and music and the emerging need for data-driven, personalized, precision music medicine,” Cowart will give an overview of the intersection of neuroscience and music, describing the strengths and limitations of current approaches in Neurologic Music Therapy, and opportunities to improve patient outcomes via the integration of music and technology.


flyer for talk