Post Award Grants Administration and Transfers

Award Management

Each award has unique terms and conditions and the best way to manage an award is to understand the requirements for each. It is a shared responsibility of the PI, department, college and core offices to ensure that the award is set up in UFIRST in a manner to best support understanding of award conditions and University policies, meet sponsor expectations for deliverables and prior approvals, and meet financial controls and reporting requirements of the Sponsor.

Awards and Modifications

  • UFIRST – Awards (GATORLINK REQUIRED), UF’s award management system. All actions and changes to the awards including addition of funds or reallocation of funds between UF projects, change in dates, or change in personnel or commitments of key personnel are to be initiated using the UFIRST. Instruction Guides are available to support understanding of the use of UFIRST Awards.
    • Examples of the types of modifications and request that must be routed through UFIRST are:
      • Financial (example: adding budget, request a temporary at-risk advance, create new projects)
      • Dates (example: No Cost Extension, early termination, stop work order)
      • Personnel (example: add key personnel, change project manager)
      • Terms and Conditions (example: change in the nature of carryover requirements)
      • Compliance  (example: add a new IRB or IACUC protocol)
      • Project Demographics (example: update Title, Project Type)
      • Award Demographics (example: change Sponsor Name, Responsible Unit)
    • See Award Management for more information

Progress reports

  • Principal Investigators (PIs) on sponsored projects are responsible for the management and conduct of sponsored activities. As part of that responsibility, PIs are required to understand and comply with the technical/programmatic reporting requirements of their awards, which involves becoming familiar with reporting due dates, formats, templates, and any online submission portals. Every sponsor generally requires a technical report, so acceptance of sponsored funding will result in the requirement to submit a report(s) to the sponsor based on a predetermined time period. More information on NIH Research Performance Progress reports (RPPRs) and FAQ can be found at Progress Reports – UF Research (

Award financials

  • myInvestiGator (GATORLINK REQUIRED)- “Online banking” for grants. Find your current budget, balance, line by line transactions and effort/pay data for all your sponsored projects.
  • Enterprise Analytics (GATORLINK REQUIRED) – Financial, effort, proposal, award, and project reports customizable for transactional reconciliations and local grants management. Additional information on Sponsored Projects Reporting can be found here.
  • Deposit Log – Listing of all fund payments received an in process deposits by and the project to which they were deposited and status.

Award closeout

  • Project closeout is the last step in a grant or contract’s life cycle. The key feature to any closeout is the on-time submission of all technical, financial, and other required reports to the sponsor. The myUFL system will deliver early notification emails to the PI and the PI’s Grant Administrator prior to the award’s expiration date. The reminders ask the PI to review the project and take appropriate action (i.e. finish on time or request a no-cost extension). Award Closeout – UF Research (

Grant transfers

  • When a faculty member joins UF or leaves the university, certain institutional procedures are required to transfer funded work to or from a different institution. The original institution must formally relinquish the award and any remaining funds; the new institution must formally accept the award and associated terms and conditions; and the funding agency must approve the transfer to new institution. As the transfer of the laboratory or team may potentially involve movement of animals, materials, personnel, and the establishment of subcontracts or MTAs, plan for adequate time to navigate the processes and start those discussion as soon as possible. Your departmental administrator will be your guide in this process.
  • Office of Research Affairs facilitates College-level approvals for transfers that involve College of Medicine faculty. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us Additional resources on New Faculty Onboarding from our office are available here.