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Roger and Rodgers

How many scientific papers open with a line from a Rodgers and Hammerstein song?

My Summer Reading

What happens in utero does not stay in utero; Laura made a mouse; Neuro tract-tracing goes real time

To B relevant to acute inflammation

To B relevant to acute inflammation The nicely ordered boxes and straight lines decorating our immunology class notes, which defined  the responsibilities of innate and adaptive immune cells in the immune response, are now becoming blurred and intertwined. Indeed, the recent contribution of Linc Moldawer (Department of Surgery) and colleagues…

RAN comes to RNA translation

“RAN Comes to RNA Translation”   (RAN) Japanese term for chaos or revolt. Impactful discoveries induce initial chaos, revolt against established dogma, stimulate new questions, and significantly redirect the field of study.  Dr. Laura Ranum and collegues (Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) are to…

Bugs, SNPs, and Maps: UF-EPI Goes the Distance

“Bugs, SNPs, and Maps: UF-EPI Goes the Distance” Most of us have followed the story about the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria, the so-called ‘superbugs’, through reading newspapers or listening to NPR. Thankfully, significant attention has been focused on this important problem in our clinical and research settings.