Art Competition

The College of Medicine Office of Research is excited to showcase works of art during the 2024 Celebration of Research to be held February 12-13, 2024! Our theme is Art Enhanced: The Intersection of Human Creativity and AI, where art, technology, and medicine converge to explore the profound interplay between human creativity and artificial intelligence.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Eligibility: University of Florida students, postdocs, residents, faculty researchers and staff
  • Submissions should be original generative artworks created by the participant. All submissions should be generated through computational processes involving generative artificial intelligence (for example, using DALL-EMidjourney, Google Deep Dream Generator or DreamStudio). Your submission should include a short explanation of your process.
  • Artwork should explore themes of medicine, healing, and/or research.
  • May include:
    • Photos, images, illustrations and visualizations
    • Other forms of 2-dimensional visual art (i.e. drawings and paintings)
    • Text-based work: poetry or essays up to 2 pages
    • Video and audio works up to 60 seconds in length.
  • Format: Digital submissions should be provided at a minimum resolution of 1280 x 1280 pixels; Still images should be in JPEG or PNG. Motion imagery should be submitted via a link hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. Audio should be submitted in WAV or MP3 format (if you are submitting audio please include a note here and then email with the file). Text-based work should be submitted in PDF format. Project documentation as described below should be submitted through the submission form.
  • Artwork cannot contain any personally identifiable information
  • One submission per participant
  • Include your name and contact information and a brief description of the art and how you created it.
  • Rights: By entering the competition, participants grant permission for their artworks to be displayed, promoted, and shared by the organizers for non-commercial purposes, with appropriate credits given to the artist(s).
  • Some ideas to inspire you:
    • AI as a muse to re-imagine the diagnostic process
    • Imagine a world where biology and tech coexist symbiotically
    • Depict the stories of resilience and healing, guided by AI-driving treatments and innovations.
    • Explore the mysteries of the brain and the nervous system through AI-generated interpretations.
    • Envision a world where AI-driven medical breakthroughs have surpassed current limitations.

Deadline for submissions is November 30, 2023.

For further information, please email Katherine Blackburn (