COM Internal Funding Opportunities

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Funding OpportunityEligibilityAward Amount and DurationLOI DueFull application Due
UF College of Medicine AI2HEAL DatathonFaculty from Health Science Center Colleges and/or College of Engineering eligible to submit a proposal to an external funding agency (see UF policy at Faculty is encouraged to form multi-disciplinary teams. Each team must consist of at least one Principal Investigator along with additional optional team members (co-Investigators, trainees, etc.). All clinical and research trainees including fellows, residents, postdoctoral associates/fellows, and students can apply as part of a team lead by a faculty. At the conclusion of the event, selected teams will receive $10,000 catalyst awards to continue developing their work into a complete extramural funding application.10/10/2022 (Deadline has passed)12/16/2022
ARPA-H Seed FundingProposals are invited from teams across all UF Colleges. To remain responsive to ARPA-H, teams need to include faculty from UF College of Medicine and/or UF Scripps. The contact PI must:

» Be UF faculty or faculty equivalents, including tenured, tenure-track, tenure-eligible, and non-tenure- track research scientists.

» Be eligible to apply for external funding.

» Have experience and track record of leading high-risk high reward innovative team projects (previously funded P, U or NSF program grants will be considered as competitive advantage).

» Will commit to undergo a tailored training and feedback on their responses to the Heilmeier Questions.

» Collaborating teams of faculty from multiple units and colleges are highly encouraged.
Up to $75,000N/A02/15/2023
COM Bridge FundingThe College of Medicine bridge funding program is designed for researchers who have an unexpected gap in their NIH research funding portfolio. It is open to full-time COM-Gainesville faculty members who have submitted an application to the NIH and received a score within 20 percentile points of the Institute's funded percentile. Applicants must have a scored, pending application in the most recent cycle to be eligible for this program.A maximum of $50,000 can be requested.02/15/202302/15/2023
2023 Research Opportunity Seed Fund (ROSF) College of Medicine internal selection competitionThe total number of faculty allowed on a proposal is 3, a PI and 2 co-PIs. A faculty member can serve as a PI on only one ROSF proposal. A faculty member may serve as a co-PI on only one other proposal. If not serving as lead PI on any ROSF proposal, a faculty member can serve as co-PI on a maximum of 2 proposals.

» Faculty members eligible to submit a proposal to an external funding agency (see Principal Investigator Eligibility - UF Research ( are eligible to apply for ROSF award.

» Courtesy, Adjunct, Visiting, OPS faculty, Assistant In, Associate In, Senior Associate In, Research Associates and Postdoctoral associates are not eligible to be PIs on ROSF. They may participate as co-PIs or co-investigators.

» To avoid potential conflict of interest, Deans at all levels (Assistant, Associate, etc) are not eligible.

» Faculty who have previously received ROSF award (either as PI or co-PI) are not eligible to submit another proposal for 2 years after the completion of the first award. For example, FY2018 ROSF PI or co-PI recipients may not submit another proposal until FY2023 competition (RFA-23-ROSF-COM, October 2022)
Up to $100,000 for up to a two-year period.OctoberNovember
Thomas H. Maren Research Excellence Program - Faculty Award» Must be an Assistant Professor (tenured, non-tenured, Research Assistant Professor and Clinical Assistant Professor all acceptable) with a primary academic appointment in the College of Medicine

» Must be a principal investigator of a currently active nationally peer-reviewed grant (i.e., NIH, NSF, FL DOH, ACS, JDRF, etc.)
$40,000 per year for two years (2nd year contingent on 1st year progress)SeptemberNovember
Thomas H. Maren Research Excellence Program - Postdoctoral Award» Must be a postdoctoral fellow (with a PhD and/or MD) with a full-time research assignment in a College of Medicine department

» Must have no more than three (3) years of cumulative postdoctoral training at the time of LOI submission (including postdoctoral training at other institutions)

» Must have demonstrated productivity as a postdoctoral fellow (e.g., awards, presentations, publications)

» Mentor must have research funding in the amount of one R01 equivalent or more
$20,000 per year for two years (2nd year contingent on 1st year progress)SeptemberNovember