Past Award Winners

YearCOM PIDepartmentTitleCo-PICo-PI CollegeBudget approved
2022Ali ZarrinparSurgeryDRPD-ROSF2022: Preclinical development of CXCR6 antagonists targeting resistance to sorafenib – first-line targeted therapy for hepatocellular carcinomaSatyamaheshwar Peddibhotla, Siobhan Malany, Sergio DuarteCoP, CoP, CoM
2022Kay Roussos-RossObstetrics and GynecologyDRPD-ROSF2022: Assessing Prevalence, Maternal Perceptions and Fetal Developmental Outcomes of Perinatal Marijuana UseDeepthi Varma, Amie Goodin, Reem Abu-Rustum, Adolfo Ramirez-Zamora, Tony Wen, Michael Okun, Bruce GoldbergerPHHP, CoP, CoM, CoM, CoM, CoM, CoM
2022Nancy Padilla-CoreanoNeuroscienceDRPD-ROSF2022: Understanding the neural dynamics of social history in health and disease using Artificial IntelligenceShreya SaxenaHWCoE
2022Naykky Singh OspinaMedicineInappropriate thyroid biopsy: development of a computable phenotype using natural language processing and machine learningYonghui Wu, William DonahooCoM, CoM
2022Nadja MakkiAnatomy & Cell BiologyDRPD-ROF2022: Genetic Basis of Adolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisJessica McQuerry, Stephanie IhnowCoM, CoM
2021Dossat, AmandaPharmacology & TherapeuticsA novel neural system for influencing food intakede Lartigue, Guillaume; Wesson, DanielCOP, COM$83,000
2021Rahman, MaryamNeurosurgeryHydrogel based immunotherapy vaccine for the treatment of high grade gliomaAngelini, ThomasHWCOE$82,000
2021Karst, StephanieMolecular Genetics & MicrobiologyElucidate the Mechanisms by which Specific Host Factors Promote SARS-CoV-2 Replication for the Purpose of Developing Novel AntiviralsNorris, Michael; Vulpe, ChristopherCLAS, VetMed$82,000
2021Khemtong, ChalermchaiMedicineImaging energy metabolism in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in response to nicotinamide riboside treatmentsRyan, Terence; Cusi, KennethHHP, COM$83,000
2020Lewis, MarkPsychiatryRole of the Hyperdirect Basal Ganglia Pathway in Mediating Repetitive, Inflexible BehaviorMandel, Ronald; Febo, MarceloCOM$82,000
2020Wu, YonghuiHealth Outcomes & Biomedical InformaticsAdvancing Drug Repositioning for Alzheimer’s Disease using Electronic Health RecordsMaraganore, Demetrius; Bian, Jiang; Guo, YiCOM$85,000
2019Febo Vega, MarceloPsychiatryA Microfluidics Optrode: A Next Generation Approach to Brain Network Modulation in Parkinson's DiseaseSetlow, Barry; Yoon, Yong Kyu; Burns, MatthewCOM; HWCOE; COM$90,000
2019Lobo, BrianOtolaryngologyRapid Detection of Cerebrospinal Fluid and Development of a Modular Point of Care Testing Solution with Low-Cost Disposable Testing StripsLeon, Marino; Ren, Fan; Pearton, StephenCOM; HWCOE; HWCOE$85,000
2018Katz, AdamSurgeryPerfused Packed Bed Wound Dressings for In-Situ Tissue Repair and RegenerationMurfee, Walter; Sarntinoranont, MalisaENGG$82,000
2018Palmer, GlynOrthopaedics & RehabilitationDeveloping a Novel In Vitro Model of Osteosarcoma by 3D printing in Liquid-Like SolidsSawyer, Wallace; Ghivizzani, StevenENGG, COM-GNV$82,000
2018Guirgis, Faheem (JAX)Emergency Medicine-JAXThe LIPid Intensive Drug therapy for Sepsis Pilot (LIPIDS-P) TrialJones, Lisa; Leeuwenburgh, Christiaan; Moore, Frederick; Rosenthal, Martin; Moldawer, LyleCOM-JAX, COM-GNV$86,000
2018Bungert, JorgBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyDevelopment of in vivo targeted delivery and detection methods for potentially therapeutic synthetic DNA-binding proteinsHudalla, GregoryENGG$82,000
2018Xie, MingyiBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyProcessing of transcription start site (TSS-)microRNAs by Dicer proteinsKolaczkowski, BryanIFAS$82,000
2017Jin, ShouguangMolecular Genetics & MicrobiologyIdentification of Fecal Bacteria with Anti-Clostridium difficile ActivitiesDavey, MaryDENTISTRY$95,000
2017Karst, StephanieMolecular Genetics & MicrobiologyElucidate the Underlying Mechanism by which Commensal Bacteria Stimulate Human Norovirus Infection of B cellsAgbandje-McKenna, MavisCOM$95,000
2017Wang, EricMolecular Genetics & MicrobiologyAdvanced microfabricated co-culture devices to study the neuromuscular systemNino, JuanENGG$95,000
2016Setlow, BarryPsychiatryDissecting Interneuron Function in Addiction Using OptogeneticsCharles J. Frazier; Jason Coleman; Jay V. DengPHARMACY, COM$90,000
2016Martens, JeffreyPharmacology & TherapeuticsVisualizing viral entry into neurons and the brain: Changing the paradigmDavid BloomCOM$89,000
2016Morel, LaurencePathology, Immunology, & Laboratory MedicineSecond generation acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACC) inhibitors with an immunoregulatory functionAaron AponickCLAS$52,000
2016Lu, JiangrongBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyAdvanced cancers secrete GDF11 to induce cachexiaAndrew JudgePHHP$89,000
2015Coleman, JasonPediatricsA MEMS-Based Fiber-Optic Two-Photon Microscopy Probe For in vivo 3D Imaging Of Neural Activity In Unrestrained, Behaving AnimalsHuikai XieENG$85,000
2015Golde, ToddNeurosciencerAAV based Somatic Sheep Brain and Spinal Cord TransgenesisMaureen Keller-Wood, Charles WoodCOP, COM$80,000
2015Jobin, ChristianMedicineMicrobial factors implicated in the development of colorectal cancerSteven BrunerCLAS$84,996
2015Wang, Gary P.MedicineMechanism of microbial signaling to the brain: the role of serotonergic pathwayDrake Morgan, Marcelo Febo, Kevin WangCOM$84,532
2014Trevino, JoseSurgeryRepresentative Model for Human Pancreatic CancerChen LiuCOM$84,000
2014Raizada, MohanPhysiology & Functional GenomicsOral Delivery of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE2) for Pulmonary Hypertension TherapeuticsWood, Charles E.; Shenoy, Vinayak; Zubcevic, Jasenka; Baekey, David; Faruqi, Ibrahim; Yarrow, JoshuaCoM; CoP; CoM; VetMed; CoM; VA$83,000
2014Borchelt, DavidNeuroscienceNovel Therapeutics for activation of the antioxidant responseHendrik LueschCOP$84,000
2014Burke, SaraNeuroscienceNeurogenesis and Memory Network Dynamics during Normal AgingBrandi OrmerodCoE$84,000
2013Petersen, BryonPediatricsDeveloping a Functional Bio‐artificial Liver Device Utilizing a De‐Cellularized Matrix as a PlatformChris Batich, Jon Dobson, Peter McFetridge, David Nelson, Edward Scott, Naohiro TeradaENG, ENG, COM, COM, COM$85,000
2013Ahn, AndrewNeurologyMultimodal brain imaging of pain: novel opportunities for targeted therapyMingzhou Ding, Roger Fillingim, Michael Robinson, John KairallaENG, DEN, PHHP, PHHP$83,000
2013Xia, GuangbinNeurologyGenome Correction of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1Tetsuo Ashizawa, Maurice Swanson, Shouguang JinCOM$85,000
2013Sunny, NishanthMedicineMitochondrial Dysfunction in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD): Mechanisms and Role of Insulin Resistance and Oxidative StressKenneth Cusi, Christiaan Leeuwenburgh, Arthur Edison, Timothy GarrettCOM$85,836
2013Flanegan, JamesBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyAntiviral Drug Inhibition of a Unique Step in Picornavirus RNA ReplicationRobert McKenna, Steve BrunerCOM, CLAS$85,000