Research Space Management
Research Space

Research is a key mission of the University of Florida College of Medicine and research space is one of the key resources needed for success.

The goal of Research Space Management is to ensure space is allocated fairly and utilized optimally based on program quality, institutional goals, mission-relatedness, demonstrated need, and availability of sponsored research support

The Space Committee provides overall guidance for space policies and procedures to ensure that space related decision-making is aligned with the College of Medicine guiding principles, mission, and core values. The Space Committee consists of Senior Associate Dean of Research and faculty members that encompass basic and clinical research across UF College of Medicine Departments, Centers, and Programs, and administration officials to advise on utilization of space designated for research within the College of Medicine. Members are appointed on a rotating basis for terms of 3 years. The space management process relies on both qualitative and quantitative analyses to provide comprehensive information on space utilization and research activity. Full information about Space Committee governing principles is outlined in the Space Request procedures and Space Charter.

Space Committee Members

  • Azra Bihorac, MD, MS, Professor, Senior Associate Dean for Research; Committee Chair
  • Laura Ranum, PhD, Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology; Committee Co-Chair

COM Office of Research Members

Standing Members

  • Kelly Sharp, Associate VP, Finance & Administration, UF Health
  • Tammy Williams, Chief Operating Officer, COM Financial Services


Next meeting: June 24, 2024