Past Award Winners

YearCOM PIDepartmentTitleCo-PICo-PI CollegeBudget approved
2023James BurkeUF Scripps - Molecuiar MedicineMapping type I interferon gene loci using dCas9 directed photoproximity labelingCiaran SeathCoM
2023Tezcan Ozragat BaslantiMedicineLearning optimal treatment strategies for hypotension in critical care patients with acute kidney injury using artificial intelligenceJessica Ray, Ruogu FangCoM, HWCoE
2023Michael KladdeBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyNovel CRISPR-based High-Throughput Screen for Modulators of Chromatin Remodeler ActivityAlexander Ishov, Piyush JainCoM, HWCoE
2023Benjamin ShickelMedicineDRPD-ROSF2023: DT-ICU: Digital Twin of the Intensive Care Unit for Minimizing Circadian Desynchrony in Delirium Patients using Artificial Intelligence and Geometric SimulationEvangelina AgapakiDCP
2022Ali ZarrinparSurgeryDRPD-ROSF2022: Preclinical development of CXCR6 antagonists targeting resistance to sorafenib – first-line targeted therapy for hepatocellular carcinomaSatyamaheshwar Peddibhotla, Siobhan Malany, Sergio DuarteCoP, CoP, CoM
2022Kay Roussos-RossObstetrics and GynecologyDRPD-ROSF2022: Assessing Prevalence, Maternal Perceptions and Fetal Developmental Outcomes of Perinatal Marijuana UseDeepthi Varma, Amie Goodin, Reem Abu-Rustum, Adolfo Ramirez-Zamora, Tony Wen, Michael Okun, Bruce GoldbergerPHHP, CoP, CoM, CoM, CoM, CoM, CoM
2022Nancy Padilla-CoreanoNeuroscienceDRPD-ROSF2022: Understanding the neural dynamics of social history in health and disease using Artificial IntelligenceShreya SaxenaHWCoE
2022Naykky Singh OspinaMedicineInappropriate thyroid biopsy: development of a computable phenotype using natural language processing and machine learningYonghui Wu, William DonahooCoM, CoM
2022Nadja MakkiAnatomy & Cell BiologyDRPD-ROF2022: Genetic Basis of Adolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisJessica McQuerry, Stephanie IhnowCoM, CoM
2021Dossat, AmandaPharmacology & TherapeuticsA novel neural system for influencing food intakede Lartigue, Guillaume; Wesson, DanielCOP, COM$83,000
2021Rahman, MaryamNeurosurgeryHydrogel based immunotherapy vaccine for the treatment of high grade gliomaAngelini, ThomasHWCOE$82,000
2021Karst, StephanieMolecular Genetics & MicrobiologyElucidate the Mechanisms by which Specific Host Factors Promote SARS-CoV-2 Replication for the Purpose of Developing Novel AntiviralsNorris, Michael; Vulpe, ChristopherCLAS, VetMed$82,000
2021Khemtong, ChalermchaiMedicineImaging energy metabolism in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in response to nicotinamide riboside treatmentsRyan, Terence; Cusi, KennethHHP, COM$83,000
2020Lewis, MarkPsychiatryRole of the Hyperdirect Basal Ganglia Pathway in Mediating Repetitive, Inflexible BehaviorMandel, Ronald; Febo, MarceloCOM$82,000
2020Wu, YonghuiHealth Outcomes & Biomedical InformaticsAdvancing Drug Repositioning for Alzheimer’s Disease using Electronic Health RecordsMaraganore, Demetrius; Bian, Jiang; Guo, YiCOM$85,000
2019Febo Vega, MarceloPsychiatryA Microfluidics Optrode: A Next Generation Approach to Brain Network Modulation in Parkinson's DiseaseSetlow, Barry; Yoon, Yong Kyu; Burns, MatthewCOM; HWCOE; COM$90,000
2019Lobo, BrianOtolaryngologyRapid Detection of Cerebrospinal Fluid and Development of a Modular Point of Care Testing Solution with Low-Cost Disposable Testing StripsLeon, Marino; Ren, Fan; Pearton, StephenCOM; HWCOE; HWCOE$85,000
2018Katz, AdamSurgeryPerfused Packed Bed Wound Dressings for In-Situ Tissue Repair and RegenerationMurfee, Walter; Sarntinoranont, MalisaENGG$82,000
2018Palmer, GlynOrthopaedics & RehabilitationDeveloping a Novel In Vitro Model of Osteosarcoma by 3D printing in Liquid-Like SolidsSawyer, Wallace; Ghivizzani, StevenENGG, COM-GNV$82,000
2018Guirgis, Faheem (JAX)Emergency Medicine-JAXThe LIPid Intensive Drug therapy for Sepsis Pilot (LIPIDS-P) TrialJones, Lisa; Leeuwenburgh, Christiaan; Moore, Frederick; Rosenthal, Martin; Moldawer, LyleCOM-JAX, COM-GNV$86,000
2018Bungert, JorgBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyDevelopment of in vivo targeted delivery and detection methods for potentially therapeutic synthetic DNA-binding proteinsHudalla, GregoryENGG$82,000
2018Xie, MingyiBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyProcessing of transcription start site (TSS-)microRNAs by Dicer proteinsKolaczkowski, BryanIFAS$82,000
2017Jin, ShouguangMolecular Genetics & MicrobiologyIdentification of Fecal Bacteria with Anti-Clostridium difficile ActivitiesDavey, MaryDENTISTRY$95,000
2017Karst, StephanieMolecular Genetics & MicrobiologyElucidate the Underlying Mechanism by which Commensal Bacteria Stimulate Human Norovirus Infection of B cellsAgbandje-McKenna, MavisCOM$95,000
2017Wang, EricMolecular Genetics & MicrobiologyAdvanced microfabricated co-culture devices to study the neuromuscular systemNino, JuanENGG$95,000
2016Setlow, BarryPsychiatryDissecting Interneuron Function in Addiction Using OptogeneticsCharles J. Frazier; Jason Coleman; Jay V. DengPHARMACY, COM$90,000
2016Martens, JeffreyPharmacology & TherapeuticsVisualizing viral entry into neurons and the brain: Changing the paradigmDavid BloomCOM$89,000
2016Morel, LaurencePathology, Immunology, & Laboratory MedicineSecond generation acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACC) inhibitors with an immunoregulatory functionAaron AponickCLAS$52,000
2016Lu, JiangrongBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyAdvanced cancers secrete GDF11 to induce cachexiaAndrew JudgePHHP$89,000
2015Coleman, JasonPediatricsA MEMS-Based Fiber-Optic Two-Photon Microscopy Probe For in vivo 3D Imaging Of Neural Activity In Unrestrained, Behaving AnimalsHuikai XieENG$85,000
2015Golde, ToddNeurosciencerAAV based Somatic Sheep Brain and Spinal Cord TransgenesisMaureen Keller-Wood, Charles WoodCOP, COM$80,000
2015Jobin, ChristianMedicineMicrobial factors implicated in the development of colorectal cancerSteven BrunerCLAS$84,996
2015Wang, Gary P.MedicineMechanism of microbial signaling to the brain: the role of serotonergic pathwayDrake Morgan, Marcelo Febo, Kevin WangCOM$84,532
2014Trevino, JoseSurgeryRepresentative Model for Human Pancreatic CancerChen LiuCOM$84,000
2014Raizada, MohanPhysiology & Functional GenomicsOral Delivery of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE2) for Pulmonary Hypertension TherapeuticsWood, Charles E.; Shenoy, Vinayak; Zubcevic, Jasenka; Baekey, David; Faruqi, Ibrahim; Yarrow, JoshuaCoM; CoP; CoM; VetMed; CoM; VA$83,000
2014Borchelt, DavidNeuroscienceNovel Therapeutics for activation of the antioxidant responseHendrik LueschCOP$84,000
2014Burke, SaraNeuroscienceNeurogenesis and Memory Network Dynamics during Normal AgingBrandi OrmerodCoE$84,000
2013Petersen, BryonPediatricsDeveloping a Functional Bio‐artificial Liver Device Utilizing a De‐Cellularized Matrix as a PlatformChris Batich, Jon Dobson, Peter McFetridge, David Nelson, Edward Scott, Naohiro TeradaENG, ENG, COM, COM, COM$85,000
2013Ahn, AndrewNeurologyMultimodal brain imaging of pain: novel opportunities for targeted therapyMingzhou Ding, Roger Fillingim, Michael Robinson, John KairallaENG, DEN, PHHP, PHHP$83,000
2013Xia, GuangbinNeurologyGenome Correction of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1Tetsuo Ashizawa, Maurice Swanson, Shouguang JinCOM$85,000
2013Sunny, NishanthMedicineMitochondrial Dysfunction in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD): Mechanisms and Role of Insulin Resistance and Oxidative StressKenneth Cusi, Christiaan Leeuwenburgh, Arthur Edison, Timothy GarrettCOM$85,836
2013Flanegan, JamesBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyAntiviral Drug Inhibition of a Unique Step in Picornavirus RNA ReplicationRobert McKenna, Steve BrunerCOM, CLAS$85,000