Alda Science Communication Training

The 2-day Alda Science Communication Experience program immerses scientists in the Alda Method and empowers them to use and adapt new communication skills to a wide variety of situations. This program is the most comprehensive Alda Center science communication program. Over two consecutive days, researchers will learn and experiment with effective communication strategies and skills. On the first day, participants will practice paying close attention to verbal and non-verbal communication, setting real and achievable communication goals, and crafting a brief talk for a large audience. On the second day, they will learn to engage in difficult conversations successfully, and practice using narrative techniques to share their work and its significance.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

• Employ strategies that make messages and information memorable

• Shift their focus to others; learn to adapt messages to aid another’s understanding

• Prioritize clarity by minimizing jargon and using evocative language and analogies

• Apply a strategic communication tool to consider audience, context, challenges, and communication goals

• Develop, practice, and, with constructive peer feedback, refine a short talk

• Identify and practice deploying strategies useful for difficult conversations

• Learn to harness the power of narrative to discuss complex science and research