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Welcome to the heart of clinical trials excellence at UF Medicine! The Clinical Research Hub (CRH) is your gateway to an unparalleled ecosystem of support for investigators engaged in groundbreaking clinical trials. As the central hub we provide enterprise-wide leadership, set the highest standards, establish critical policies, and offer a robust common infrastructure to fuel your research success.

At UF Medicine all NIH-defined clinical trials and all clinical research that utilizes a billing calendar are required to be supported by the CRH.

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As the concierge for clinical trials research, we take pride in our role as the catalyst for effective collaboration. Acting as a crucial liaison between Principal Investigators (PIs), study teams, and the dynamic partners across UF Medicine involved in clinical trials research, we ignite synergy and facilitate seamless interactions. Your vision and expertise combined with our network and guidance create the perfect environment for transformative discoveries. We are delighted to extend our support to OnCore, our comprehensive clinical trials management system. Our CRH team members leverage the power of OnCore to streamline protocol management, participant tracking, revenue capture, and deliver actionable reports and analytics.

Don’t hesitate to connect with us for any inquiries or to request our support! Your success is our priority, and we look forward to embarking on this transformative clinical trials journey together.